About Us

KABU derives from “curves” in Japanese. KABU was founded after investigating the amazing Japanese culture and how they correlate with nature. Japanese appreciate the state of being calm and harmonious, inner peace symbolizes the care of their mental, spiritual, and physical health. Comfort means being in harmony, and these are aligned to portray the beauty of their bodies. KABU is born from this story in order to achieve a product that is Natural and at the same time supports those who are in need and looking to feel comfortable with their bodies and skin. By this, Kabu provides the change in their emotional and physical aspect. Kabu’s objective is to support people around the world who want a change in their lives and bodies. Human beings like to feel and look good, confidence and self- esteem are obtained with the well being of each person. Once there is confidence, well-being and self esteem, we are ready to give our best to the world and this is what Kabu’s goal is in each person’s life, a balance in their mind, body and soul.